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Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance will pay a tax-free monthly income while you are unable to work due to illness, injury and / or suffer a reduction in salary for a prolonged period. It can be taken out individually or through your employer as a group policy.

Income protection policies can cover

  • a proportion of your lost earnings after an agreed period (usually three or six months)
  • until you are able to go back to work or the policy ends or for a limited period of time (such as two, three or five years)
  • your expenses for home support, such as carers

Next steps

If you have a policy, want to buy some cover, or just want more information:

  • check whether your employer offers group income protection
  • read through your policy and / or talk to your insurer
  • talk to a financial adviser through the Association of Professional Financial Advisors and / or unbiased.co.uk, a comprehensive website where you can find specialist, professional financial advisers
  • shop around to find the best cover for you